Rescomm PHC Inc Glossary Terms

 Rescomm PHC Inc Glossary Terms

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measure of a gas furnace's efficiency in converting fuel to energy, by projecting the average thermal efficiency for a complete heating season. A higher AFUE rating means greater energy efficiency
Air Filtration System
A device that removes allergens, pollutants and other undesirable particles from air that is heated or cooled.
Air Handler
The indoor component of an air conditioning, or heating system, that moves air through the home.
A central fan that pushes heated air from a furnace down the duct system, or across an air conditioner’s evaporator coil and down the duct system. 
British Thermal Unit In scientific terms, it represents the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. One BTU is the equivalent of the heat given off by a single wooden kitchen match. For your home, it represents the measure of heat given off when fuel is burned for heating, or the measure of heat extracted from your home for cooling.
The output, or producing capability, of a piece of cooling or heating equipment. Cooling and heating capacity are normally referred to in BTUs.
Cubic Feet per Minute, a standard of airflow measurement. A typical air conditioning system produces 400 CFM per ton of air conditioning.
The heart of an air conditioning or heat-pump system. It is part of the outdoor unit that pumps refrigerant. The compressor maintains adequate pressure to cause refrigerant to flow in sufficient quantities in order to meet the cooling requirements of the system and your home.
Condenser Coil
Located in the outdoor unit, the coil dissipates heat from the refrigerant, changing the refrigerant from vapor to liquid.
Condensing unit
Air conditioning equipment that typically sits outside a house. It contains a condenser coil and compressor. The compressor raises the pressure of refrigerant vapor and the condenser coil converts the refrigerant vapor to liquid.
Coefficient of Performance is another measurement of heat-pump heating efficiency. A higher COP denotes higher efficiency.
Found in ductwork, this movable plate opens and closes to control airflow. Dampers are used effectively in zoning to regulate airflow to certain rooms.
Pipes, or channels, that carry air throughout your home.
The evaporator works the opposite of the condenser; here refrigerant liquid is converted to gas, absorbing heat from the air in the compartment.
A furnace is an indoor heating unit. It heats air and distributes the heated air through the house using ducts.
Heat Pump
A heat pump, as part of a central heating and cooling system, uses the outside air to both heat a home in winter and cool it in summer.
HEPA Filter
A High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing filter (HEPA) removes particles from the air by trapping them as air flows through.
A humidifier is a household appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire house.
The amount of moisture in the air. Variable speed systems can reduce this moisture for added comfort.
The classic acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; today, an HVAC system also includes air cleaning and moisture control.
Indoor/Outdoor System
A comfort system which consists of components in two locations. Common examples include an outside unit, such as an air conditioner, and an indoor unit, such as a furnace with a coil.
Indoor Coil
The less visible half of your outdoor unit. It's attached to your furnace or air handler. As indoor air flows across it, heat and moisture are drawn out leaving air that is cool, comfortable and conditioned.
Load Calculation
A detailed analysis of your home's energy needs conducted by your dealer to help determine which comfort system is best for your home.
Matched System
A heating and cooling system wherein all components are matched in capacity and efficiency. By combining superior components that are made to work seamlessly together, you can create a more efficient ideal system for you and your family.
Metering device
An expansion valve, or orifice, that meters liquid refrigerant into an evaporator coil.
Modulating Heating
Fully modulating heating provides greater fuel efficiency and ideal comfort control by constantly adjusting to changing temperatures in your home.
North American Technician Excellence. This is the nationwide certification program for home heating and cooling technicians. It's the only certification that is recognized by the entire industry.
Outdoor Coil
Located in the outdoor unit, the coil dissipates heat from the refrigerant, changing the refrigerant from vapor to liquid.
Outdoor Unit
The outdoor portion of a split system (such as an air conditioner or heat pump). May also be a packaged air conditioning and/or heating system in which all components are located in one cabinet.


A substance that produces a cooling effect. It's used in most air conditioning and cooling systems.
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures air conditioning and heat pump cooling efficiency, which is calculated by the cooling output for a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same time frame. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency.
Smart Home
A smart home features an advanced system that offers remote or automatic control of the systems around your home, including but not limited to, your HVAC system, lighting or security system.
Split System
Refers to a comfort system consisting of components in two locations. Common examples include an outside unit, such as an air conditioner, and an indoor unit, such as a furnace with a coil.
A temperature-control device, typically found on a wall inside the home. It consists of a series of sensors and relays that monitor and control the functions of a heating and cooling system.
A unit of measurement used for determining cooling capacity. One ton is the equivalent of 12,000 BTUs per hour.
Two-stage Heating / Two-stage Cooling
Two-stage heating and cooling is considered to be more efficient, because it operates at a low, energy-saving speed most of the time. However, on days when more heating or cooling is required, it switches to the next stage for maximum comfort.
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