Toilet Problems at the Worst Times?

Playoff season is on the way and you don’t want to miss a single play. That’s why you have everything ready—snacks, drinks, toilet paper . . . .

But wait!

What happens if that toilet of yours acts up again? You know how you hate the embarrassment and mess when that sluggish toilet can’t get the job done.

Upgrade to our premium performance toilet with our plunger free guarantee so you and your team won’t miss a single touchdown. If our toilet doesn’t out perform your old toilet we’ll give you a refund AND we’ll reinstall your old toilet. You get to be the referee so it’s your call.

Speaking of calling — use the coupon below. You can save enough to buy pizza and drinks on game day! One more thing:

(No, we don’t sell overstuffed toilets.)

Punt Your Plunger and Save $25.00

Just mention this coupon when we replace your sluggish old toilet and we’ll take $25.00 off your invoice. Don’t delay the game — Call (817) 416-0978 today

Rescomm PHC Inc

Good through August 2019

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