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I Get Bottled Water so Cheap,
I Give It to My Dog...

Do you ever buy bottled water from the grocery store?

Do you ever buy bottled water from the grocery store? I did. I did until I found out how I could get it for FREE. I know it sounds too good to be true, but there are no strings, no gimmicks. Just pure water. If you've got a few minutes, let me tell you about it ...

If you're like me, you feel kind of foolish buying water. I mean, c'mon, pay for water at the store? It's pretty ridiculous when you think about it. Still, I paid because bottled water has less chemicals and impurities in it.

Moreover, it tastes better than tap water. I used to think that there ought to be a way to get the same high quality water at home, without paying an arm and a leg or having to lug more gallon jugs home from the store. Guess what? There is!

I Found the Solution Once I Decided I wasn't Going to Pay for Bottled Water Any Longer'

First I tried those filter pitchers. Frankly, they just didn't work as well as I thought they should. Either they didn't filter well enough, or they took too long, or they ran out right when I really wanted some water. Plus, I've got enough stuff in the fridge without those bulky pitchers. Scratch that idea.

built-in filter system

Next, I decided to look into some kind of built-in filter system. I checked them all out and decided on a four-stage reverse osmosis system. And guess what? It really works! The water tastes great! It's as good as anything you get from the store and it's right from my own kitchen sink. I've even got a special filter on the refrigerator ice maker so that my ice cubes are made from purified, high quality water.

Now, don't get me wrong, it was a pain to install. To do it right requires cutting into the water lines, adding fittings, mounting the filter system, and brazing it all back together. Right now, you're probably thinking, 'No way!' And you're right. This is not the type of job a typical homeowner can tackle (or wants to). So here's what you can do...

Hire a Licensed Master Plumber... ME!

As a licensed plumber, the RO installation was right up my alley. I'm fully qualified to do this type of work professionally. I can also get my hands on the better quality RO systems. For myself, I bought a professional grade and quality RO system. This isn't just any reverse osmosis system. It's what my buddies in the trade recommended. Typically, only licensed plumbers can buy one of this quality. Even it you can find one like it, you've still got to install it.

better quality RO systems

After I installed my system, I got a little too excited and bulk ordered a bunch of systems. I got a great price, but I ended up filling my shelves with RO systems. My wife's mad at me and my accountant wants to kill me. I've got to move these RO systems.

My bad news is really good news for you! As long as I've got some left, I'll sell you one of these systems installed and fully guaranteed for only $X. Given the normal cost of the equipment and the amount of time it takes to put it in, that's a great price. If you put it on your credit card, that works out to only about $X a month, depending upon your specific cardholder requirements.

I just checked a case of bottled water costs $8 at the local grocery store. My family used to go through a case a week. At that rate, the RO system will pay for itself in a couple of years. But you can keep on using it for years and years. If you're going to be in your home for any length of time, you really ought to consider getting an RO system installed. Over five years, it costs less than the price of a postage stamp a day.

RO system

My kids are grown now. I wish I'd thought of this when they were newborns. We used gallons of bottled water for formula. Of course, now that I've got all of the water I need, I keep finding new uses. We don't just drink it anymore. We use it in cooking (I swear it makes the vegetables taste better). We water the plants with it. We use it all the time. We even give our dog bottled water. Why not? The price of water no longer matters.

We've got all the bottled water we want for free!

I don't know if we've met face to face. We might have. You see, I've done business with thousands of homeowners in Suffolk County. My company is Rescomm PHC Inc. If you haven't used us, you might have seen our trucks running around town. We're a family business with a good name because we always stand behind our work. You can count on us and you can count on me personally.

If you buy bottled water, why not give us a call at (631) 722-2200 and put an end to buying water at the store.

give us a call at <a href=(631) 722-2200"/>

P.S. I can only offer this special price for the systems currently in stock. Once they're gone, my accountant won't let me buy any more in bulk, so the special is limited.

P.P.S. If you want to 'try' before you buy, the next time you need some plumbing work, tell our receptionist you want us to bring a free bottle of purified water from the shop and we'll bring you a free sample.

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