Burst Washer Hose Alert

Could Your Home Flood?

  • Did you know the output from a burst washing machine hose can reach 650 gallons per hour?
  • Did you know that insurance company All-State burst washing machine hoses cause $150 million of damages each year to U.S. and Canadian homes?
  • Did you know that water damage repairs are getting more expensive each year, tracking increases in home value and trim?
  • Did you know that the process to dry your house, deal with your insurance agent, remove and replace damaged carpeting, floors, trim, walls, and wood furnishings can take four to eight weeks?
  • Did you know that merely drying your home can take more than a week?
  • Did you know that the powerful fans used to dry homes following an internal flood will run 24 hours, making it nearly impossible to live in your home during the drying process?
  • Did you know that you can minimize the risk of water damage from burst washing machine hoses for only $49.95 installed?

Water damage from burst washing machine hoses is preventable. We can install a burst proof steel braided washing machine hose with an auto-shutoff connector. This special hose will sense a rupture in the water supply hose or fittings and shut the water supply off until it’s reset.

Standard washing machine hoses should be replaced every seven years. Our burst proof auto-shutoff hose will last the life of your washer. We carry them on all trucks. It’s only $49.95 for some peace of mind.

Burst Washer Hose Alert

"Water is the most common cause of home damage today-even more likely than fire."

Jim Swegle
Vice President of Personal Property
Safeco Insurance

Burst Washer Hose Alert
Burst Washer Hose Alert

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