Toilet Problems Again?


Plumbing problems don’t care
about your big date tonight.

They’re going to pop up whenever they see an opportunity. Like when your mother in law comes for the weekend or when you host all the soccer team moms for a victory dinner.
That’s why Rescomm PHC Inc takes care of plumbing problems for good!
  • If your drains have backed up more than once — Call us at (631) 722-2200! We’ll perform a free televised inspection of your piping when we clean your clogged drain.
  • If you have to keep your plunger handy — Call us at (631) 722-2200! Our toilets are guaranteed to flush better or your money back!
All dressed up, but
no place to go?
Save $21.00
Just mention this flier when we clear your drain to save $21.00.
Video Inspection
We'll do a free video inspection for you when we clean your troublesome drain.
If you’ve had trouble before, let us know. We can find out why and fix it for good!


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We specialize in Furnace repair service in Riverhead NY so call Rescomm PHC Inc.
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